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Discovering Puerto Rico
By Jude David

For a quick and easy escape to a tropical destination, consider taking your next vacation to Puerto Rico. Hideaways Staff Writer Jude David was pleasantly surprised with the beauty, diversity, and warm hospitality of this U.S. island. Travel to the Caribbean for over 270 miles of nearly empty beaches, hidden waterfalls, subterranean caves, and forest reserves. Jude experienced the best of Puerto Rico while sampling some of the island's finest accommodations. Start off with a bang at this resort offering a hotel stay or vacation rentals, as well as 14 restaurants and endless outdoor activities. For a taste of true luxury travel (with a dress code), spend a night at this resort with world class facilities and ocean views from nearly every room. For a little seclusion and a lot of relaxing, try this hideaway with impeccably furnished accommodations in private villas. And if you're interested in learning more about the history of the area, stay at this hotel in the heart of Old San Juan.

Spring/Summer 2000

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