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Best Of The BVI
By Peg Aaronian

Best of the BVI

  • An evening of cocktails and barbecued filet mignon on our Cane Garden Bay villa balcony as the setting sun painted a multi-hued background for the 40 or 50 yachts moored in the cove below us.
  • A lazy afternoon on the lovely white sands of Elizabeth Beach, reading, walking, and swimming.
  • Spotting five or six different species of butterflies on a single bush near the top of Sage Mountain, Tortola's highest point at 1,780 feet.
  • Going ashore for a Jost Van Dyke happy hour and finding the legendary Foxy on his beach-bar perch, entertaining the yachties with his ditties.
  • Rum punches and the local concoction, "painkillers."
  • Feeling smug that while hundreds of tourists were climbing around the smooth, granite boulders of the Baths and splashing in the natural pools, we didn't have to share Spring Bay National Park—a "mini-Baths" just a couple hundred yards away—with a single soul.
  • Fall/Winter 2001

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