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A European Countryside Vacation: Experiences And Advice
By Pat Chaudoin

Of course you've heard, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Well, we'd like to put a new spin on that age-old saying, namely "When in Europe, try doing what other Hideaways members have done—stay in a country villa or at a quaint inn and experience life as the locals do. You just might end up having the time of your life."

We've always been of the opinion that first-hand knowledge yields the soundest advice; we've built our reputation by offering up the personal experiences of our globetrotting staff. Now we've turned the tables. Hideaways has asked a handful of our members who've recently vacationed in the countryside of Europe—specifically England, France, and Italy—what advice they would pass on to fellow members planning a similar trip. We think you'll enjoy their comments.

Spring/Summer 1997

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