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Star Clippers
Location: Europe
Profile:  CH176
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Hideaways' Review
If you're a romantic at heart, a voyage with Star Clippers is sure to stir your soul. It's hard to imagine a more glorious experience than being aboard one of its three reproduction clipper ships, a salty breeze gently caressing your face, while white canvas sails billow overhead against an azure blue sky.

The line's two sister ships, Star Clipper and Star Flyer, carry just 170 passengers each, while its flagship, the majestic five-masted Royal Clipper, carries 227 passengers in a style reminiscent of the golden age of sail. And since these ships are small, you can easily interact with the captain, rub shoulders with the very international crew, make friends with your fellow passengers, and even lend a hand in the nightly ritual of raising the sails to catch the evening breeze.

On the two smaller ships, you can climb (with a harness) to the crow's nest, complete with a comfortable settee, for unforgettable 360-degree views. Each ship's atmosphere is relaxed, yet every aspect of life on board is filled with little luxuries . . . lots of space and privacy, elegant interiors, fine dining, and extras like Thai massage. Plus, because of their size, these yacht-like ships can visit out-of-the-way ports the large ships can only dream about, in places like the Mediterranean, the Far East, and the Caribbean.
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