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Silversea Cruises
Location: Europe
Profile:  TCH243
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Hideaways' Review
Leave it to the Italians to take the art of fine living to an elevated level. And leave it to the Italian registry of Silversea Cruises to lend it a certain inherent flair for the finer things in life . . . superb dining paired with perfect wines, a spa retreat voted the best at sea, service that goes the extra mile with a smile, and four exquisite all-suite ships, most with sunny teak verandas, plus a new expedition ship that sails for adventure like no other. Add to the equation an all-inclusive cruising policy covering everything from an assortment of wines, champagne, and spirits to a selection of complimentary shore excursions, and you have smooth five-star cruising at a value that should prompt you to pack your bags today for Silversea's exotic ports.

Like a delightful vacation home that one can't wait to return to, the ships of Silversea are special places that guests revisit time and again. Suites offer the highest space-to-guest ratio of any fleet, and are wonderful cocoons of elegant comfort. You'll find fine cognacs and cigars to sample, an impressive collection of international vintage wines, signature cuisine designed by Relais & Chàteaux, and dining venues awash in sparkling crystal and silver. But where Silversea really shines is in its selection of itineraries that create intimate cultural experiences tailored to your tastes. Captivated by all things British? Have a private tour at the Tower of London. An oenophile? Silversea can arrange wine-tastings at private vineyards. An adrenaline junkie? Try flying a fighter jet over Moscow's skyline. You?ll return home a satisfied and rejuvenated explorer, but counting the days until your next Silversea cruise.
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