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Lindblad Expeditions
Location: South America
Profile:  CH177
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Hideaways' Review
Now this is adventure travel with a capital "A." Explore the Faulklands and the White Continent of Antarctica from the 148-passenger ice-class vessel, the National Geographic Explorer. Ply the fjords and channels of Alaska and British Columbia aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird, which carries just 62 guests. Be one of just 47 passengers cruising the Nile on the elegant Salacia. Or skim passively along the Upper Amazon of Peru aboard the 28-passenger Delphin II. In all, Lindblad has ten expedition vessels, each with such creature comforts as a library and/or lounge, open-air viewing areas, a casual dining room, thoughtfully designed suites or staterooms, and a crew that goes out of its way to ensure your safety and well-being.

Eschewing crowded and familiar tourist destinations, Lindblad Expeditions use vessels that are large enough to provide comfortable travel, yet small enough to reach more remote, exclusive locations. On-board experts are available to answer questions, and a fleet of Zodiac landing craft—available on most vessels—allows guests to explore almost anywhere. From the rugged landscape of New Zealand's North and South Islands to the wonderous Galapagos Islands—where you'll sail with expedition gear like a glass-bottom boat, a hydrophone, and a Splash-Cam—you'll be treated to surprises and adventures that will leave you craving more.
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