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Ponant Yacht Cruises and Expeditions
Location: Europe
Profile:  TCH255
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Hideaways' Review
Perhaps you've tried a large ship or two and are ready for something different. Then welcome to the world of Ponant! Step aboard your sleek, French-designed ship and prepare to be pampered by a devoted international crew. You'll feel as if you and a group of good friends are experiencing the world together in a spirit of joie de vivre when you sail one of the mega-yachts of this stylish line. With five elegant vessels to choose from—including the lovely sailing yacht, Le Ponant, and the new 264-passenger sister ships, Le Boreal and L'Austral—you'll find the world is your oyster as you cruise to magical destinations like Iceland, the Maldives, the Adriatic, and Madagascar. Ports of call are specially chosen for their authentic cultural experiences, and many are secret little enclaves only accessible to small-capacity ships. Ponant's themed cruises are a special treat, offering both excursions and days at sea filled with diversions like golf, classical music, and gourmet dining.

Even as you glide into interesting ports, you might feel reluctant to leave your comfortable ship. Gourmet meals are accompanied by exquisite wines, butler service aboard Le Boreal and L'Austral is attentive yet discreet, and each stateroom across the fleet is a European-style retreat. There's even something for the littlest sailors in the way of fun tea parties and exciting kid-style activities. Best yet, Ponant Yacht Cruises & Expeditions' respect for the environment and eco-friendly features—like an optical underwater detection system to avoid collisions with whales and other sea life—mean the world's oceans will be waiting to be enjoyed for generations to come.
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