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Alaskan Dream Cruises
Location: Alaska - United States
Profile:  TCH256
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Hideaways' Review
With its frontier hospitality and native Tlingit-Alaska birthright, Alaskan Dream Cruises delivers an authentic Alaska sailing experience unlike any other you've ever encountered. Its two small ships—the 66-passenger Admirality Dream and the 42-passenger Alaskan Dream—offer the kind of casual, disarming charm that encourages an atmosphere of first-name friendliness and engaging companionship. That camaraderie becomes even more evident as you share intimate adventures with true Alaskan experts who travel with you both on board and ashore, revealing mysteries of marine biology and environmental science in ways that make everything infinitely more interesting than it was in high school. Plus, you'll embark on at least one shore excursion every day, so there's no end to the possibilities for rubbing elbows with intriguing locals, both human and of a wilder variety. This is Alaska cruising as it's meant to be: inquisitive, exploratory, and passionate, full of up-close wilderness encounters in rare, out-of-the-way places.

Every aspect of your 3- to 13-day cruise will immerse you in the heart and soul of Alaskan pride, from Alaska-crafted soaps and shampoos in every stateroom to delicious Alaska King Crab dinners and native Tlingit-Alaska interpreters on shore excursions. And since all shore excursions are included, you'll be free to take full advantage of adventures like kayaking the glassy waters of Hobart Bay, viewing bear (from the safety of a special platform!) in the village of Kake, and taking a White Pass & Yukon train ride through the spectacular Alaskan wilderness.
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